Cancer survivor finds hope, friendship & community

Cancer survivor finds hope, friendship & community

When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, many people can feel helpless, alone and scared. For cancer survivor Diane O’Shaughnessy, finding a community that understood what she was going through changed her life for the better. O'Shaughnessy first learned about Cancer Wellness at Piedmont through her mother, who met with Piedmont Fayette cancer patient navigator Elaine Harbin, RN, BSN.

“Elaine gave us all the information we needed, including a calendar of upcoming events. Once I was finally healed from my surgeries in February 2011, my mom brought me to a mindfulness meditation class,” she says. “I never looked back.”

Since then, O’Shaughnessy has developed new hobbies, thanks to programs at Cancer Wellness.

“The latest thing I took up was drumming and I didn’t know that I would like it as much as I do,” she says. “Recently, we’ve started scrapbooking and crafting during the daytime. We also have Expressive Arts at night.”

O’Shaughnessy says she found her Cancer Wellness classes not only fun, but also therapeutic as she recovered from cancer treatments.

“These programs make me feel very special,” she says. “You become part of a community and that’s a word I’ve really come to embrace. You’re not alone anymore. This place is full of love, hope and friends.”

Check out the latest Cancer Wellness calendar to find upcoming classes and support group sessions.


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