Song of Hope: "I'm Still Me"

Song of Hope: "I'm Still Me"

What happens when you put eight cancer patients in a room for two hours? They meet on common ground and speak the truth about their cancer journey, their fight to overcome obstacles and how it has changed them.

These emotions transpired into lyrics that were composed and performed by Jeff Silver, a songwriter who most recently co-authored a song titled “Drink It In,” which was featured in Country Music Television’s (CMT) NSAI song contest.

“I’m Still Me” speaks to the fact that cancer survivors have gone through changes and do their best to embrace these changes. Deep down inside, however, their hearts remain the same. They are fighters and they are determined to overcome the challenges set before them.

This class was co-facilitated by Dennis Buttimer, M.Ed, RYT, a facilitator at Cancer Wellness at Piedmont and Jeff Silver. “I’m Still Me” was performed at the 2010 Cancer Survivors Day and remains an inspiring tribute to all cancer patients.

“This was an amazing, powerful and somewhat mysterious process,” says Buttimer. “Much emotion was evoked as we processed through their experiences. Ultimately, this workshop served as a positive, spiritual experience, which I believe enriched all of us.”

"I'm Still Me" lyrics

Don’t be afraid

You’ve known me forever

I have changed and you don’t know what to say

It’s hard

But we’re in this together

And your love will get me through another day

I may look different

Worn and weary

But look inside my heart


I’m still me

Despite the pain and heartache that you see

It may be hard to believe

I’ll be strong on this never-ending journey

In spite of what you see

I’m still me

See this hair

There used to be more of it

And my spirit a bit more faded than before

I may be scarred

But I will rise above it

To survive and go on to so much more

Things may be different

Torn and teary

But look inside my heart



No one knows the future

There’s no guarantee

But I’ll keep on fighting

To be who I’m meant to be


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