Boost your energy in 5 minutes or less


Boost your energy in 5 minutes or less

Cancer treatment can do a number on your energy levels and the last thing you may feel like doing is a long workout. Regular movement is a great way to boost your energy, support cancer recovery and help prevent cancer recurrence. On days when you don't feel like doing a 30-minute workout, shorts bursts of movement are beneficial. 

"Small movements or bursts of activity can make a big difference," says Jasmin Theard, ACSM EP-C, CPO, an exercise physiologist at Piedmont Atlanta Fitness Center. "For example, stretching helps loosen you up, which can increase your energy."

Try these fitness and nutrition tips to help you feel better, even if you're not up for a full workout.

  • Call your peppiest pal.

  • Climb a few flights of stairs.

  • Do a sun salutation.

  • Fix a healthy meal or snack: Hunger can sap your energy (avoid sugar to prevent a dip in energy later).

  • Follow a five-minute exercise video.

  • Knock out a set of jumping jacks.

  • Gently stretch your neck.

  • Listen to upbeat music.

  • March in place.

  • Open your blinds and curtains to let in bright sunlight.

  • Perform a seated spinal rotation in your chair.

  • Perform 10 squats every hour.

  • Practice good posture.

  • Stretch at your desk.

  • Step outside or open your windows for fresh air.

  • Refill your water bottle or sip some tasty infused water.

  • Sip green tea.

  • Splash water on your face.

  • Take a dance break to your favorite song.

  • Take deep breaths or meditate

  • Take a power nap.

  • Unwind with some shoulder rolls.

  • Use aromatherapy: Inhale deeply as you sip a cup of cinnamon or peppermint tea, or try an essential oil diffuser.  

Once you get start an activity, you're almost guaranteed to feel better mentally and physically.

"Having a sense of accomplishment is a great motivator and can give you energy to move forward in your day," says Theard. 

For more fitness tips, visit our Movement page.

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