Caring for the one you love

Caring for the one you love

When Emily Capps met Billy Stoll, she knew she had found her soulmate.   

“I was out with some friends, and he was at another table,” says Capps. “My friend knew him and said, ‘Billy, come sit with us.’ And we became serious very quickly.”

The two were married. But only five months after exchanging their vows, Capps received a devastating diagnosis — breast cancer.

“We said, ‘Okay. In sickness and in health, here we go,’” says Capps.  

A husband’s love

With a heart filled with love and support, Stoll has taken on the role of caregiver and patient advocate.

“Part of my duties are to make sure she is eating, to make sure she is taking her medicine on time and to make sure she’s getting everything she needs,” says Stoll.

“He has a different perspective than I do,” says Capps. “It’s different for the patient and the caregiver. He does everything, and he’s just great.”

“I do all of this because I love my wife, and I want her to get well,” says Stoll. “I want us to have a nice, long life together.”

Finding support at Cancer Wellness

Caring for a sick loved one is difficult, but Stoll has found support at Piedmont’s Thomas F. Chapman Family Cancer Wellness Center.

“I’ve met some good people that have been very beneficial and very helpful,” says Stoll.  “We laugh. We goof off.  We have fun. And I really like it there.”  

Cancer Wellness classes cover a variety of topics, from music therapy to reigniting romance. Attending Cancer Wellness classes has also kept Stoll better informed about Capps’ cancer diagnosis.

“Without the Cancer Wellness Center, I think we would be out on our own without much direction,” says Stoll.  “We get a lot more day-to-day fluid living from the Cancer Wellness Center.”  

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